Rainbow Friends Wiki: How to Play, Characters, Jumpscares, and More

Roblox has revolutionized the gaming industry as a reliable platform that allows gamers not only to play but also to earn from games created by others. The platform’s popularity and vast selection of games cater to every type of gamer, making it difficult to choose just one. However, there’s a game that never disappoints – “Rainbow Friends.” Developed in 2021 by Roy & Charcle (formerly Fragment Games), Rainbow Friends is a captivating horror game that has recorded over 1 billion visits. With ongoing updates, players are eager to learn more about the game. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Rainbow Friends, covering how to play, characters, jumpscares, and more.

Rainbow Friends

Rainbow Friends Overview: Gameplay, Characters, and Jumpscares

Rainbow Friends is a horror game in which players take on the role of a kidnapped child during a school trip. The child is taken to an eerie amusement park called “The Odd World,” where they must spend five nights accompanied only by Rainbow Friends. The game’s theme draws inspiration from the FNAF series and similar horror games. The map contains various quests related to Nightmare Fuel characters, five Rainbow Friends, and numerous jumpscares, all designed to maintain a thrilling atmosphere.

Meet the Rainbow Friends:

  1. Blue Friend – This huge blue plushy-like humanoid monster appears in Chapter 1, wearing a yellow crown with a button eye. Blue Friend detects players across the map via Stuckling. To evade this character, hide in a locker while completing quests without harming your friends.
  2. Green Friend – This tall, lanky limbed humanoid has googly eyes and is blind, making it challenging for the Green Friend to chase players. However, its arms can drop unexpectedly, so stay alert. Luckily, the Green Friend is slower than the player’s walking speed.
  3. Orange Friend – Unlike other characters, the Orange monster is faster than the player’s walking speed. When it emerges from its cove, a siren plays, and large footprints appear. To avoid Orange Friend, hide in a locker whenever it comes out.
  4. Purple Friend – A supplementary character to Orange, the Purple monster is introduced on the same night as Orange. While its specific appearance is unclear, its teeth and hands are visible. To avoid Purple Friend, don’t cross water or vents, as it is usually nearby.
  5. Red Friend – With its giant eyes and long coat, Red Friend is both gigantic and fragile-looking. To survive encounters with this hostile character, prepare yourself for quests and hide in a locker when necessary.

Jumpscares Enhancing the Horror:

Jumpscares are key to creating a terrifying experience in Rainbow Friends. The developers frequently update and innovate to enhance the thrill of the game. Some notable jumpscares include:

  1. Green Jumpscare – A beep sound and footstep noise occur during the game when you’re stuck with the Green Friend. Follow the strategy to deal with the Green Friend and stay alert for the jumpscare.
  2. Orange Jumpscare – This jumpscare works specifically with the Orange character to increase the horror factor. The combination of Orange’s menacing presence and the jumpscare’s sound and visual effects make it even more thrilling.
  3. Blue Jumpscare – Activated when interacting with the Blue Friend, this jumpscare features unique visuals and effects to heighten the horror experience.

There are additional jumpscares, such as the blue vent cycle and scrapped blue final sequence, that are updated regularly. However, the basic jumpscares mentioned above are always present in the game.

How to Play Rainbow Friends:

To begin playing Rainbow Friends, visit Roblox’s Rainbow Friends page, click the play button, complete the quests, and level up in the game. Remember to take advantage of the unique characteristics of each Rainbow Friend to enhance your gameplay and find ways to complete the quests without getting caught. In case of emergencies, use in-game coins to revive yourself and continue playing.


Rainbow Friends is an extraordinary horror game that challenges players to survive without harming any in-game monsters. With the knowledge of each monster’s attributes, you can strategize and find loopholes to complete quests successfully. Moreover, you can rely on in-game currency for assistance during emergencies. So, step into the thrilling world of Rainbow Friends and experience a unique horror adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. Good luck and happy gaming!